Star Sruck

Wondering what the stars of Sunset Boulevard get up to when they're not on stage? Here, they give us their Melbourne must-do's.

Sunset Boulevard Melbourne 2024
Tim Draxl & Ashleigh Rubenach. Photo by Ben King.

In Sunset Boulevard, emerging actor Ashleigh Rubenach plays Betty Schaefer. Here are her top Melbourne tips.

What is your favourite thing to do in Melbourne when you're not on stage?

I've been loving exploring Victoria's hikes and beaches on my days off. Highlights thus far have been Lorne, Wilsons Prom and the Yarra Valley.

What makes performing in Melbourne so special?

Melbourne is a cultural city, and you can feel that everywhere you go. The CBD has a real sense of community when it comes to the arts. It's lovely to be performing right around the corner from friends in WICKED, Chicago or Rocky Horror. The East End Theatre District is thriving!

"Audiences at Sunset Boulevard can expect a lush score, stunning costumes, an enormously elaborate set, and a classic Hollywood story. It's my favourite of all Andrew Lloyd Webber's shows. Drama, mystery and romance — its got it all!" - Ashleigh Rubenach.

Sunset Boulevard is now playing at Melbourne's Princess Theatre. sunsetmusical.com.au

Critically acclaimed actor Tim Draxl plays Joe Gillis opposite Sarah Brightman’s Norma Desmond. He’s no stranger to Melbourne stages and has plenty of favourite places in the city.

How would you describe winter here?

The perfect opportunity to legitimise all the coats in my wardrobe that I never get to wear in Sydney!

An unmissable experience for visitors?

One thing I always love doing when I'm in Melbourne is visiting the National Gallery of Victoria, followed by lunch in the Garden Restaurant.

Coffee or cocktail?

For coffee, I'm at Lune. It would be rude to walk past and not go in. For cocktails, I'll be at Gimlet. Both are in the city, dangerously close to where I'm staying.

Where are you shopping?

Masons in the city. But don't tell my partner. It ain't cheap, so obviously I'm only shopping there when I need something for a special occasion.


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