Two's Company

We joined AFL players Christian Petracca and Josh Daicos at Lygon Street's Tiamo to discuss their favourite places to eat. Here's what happened.

Pizza the action

CP: What’s your go-to pizza?

JD: Joanne’s Pizzeria in Carlton North. There’s a Calabrese one called 'Uh Huh Honey', with salami, jalapenos and this hot honey sauce from the US on it. Why’d you choose penne ragu today?

CP: Ragus are awesome. It’s sucha hearty meal for autumn or winter. Night before the game, I just load up on as many carbs as I can and pasta is so easy.

JD: Were you much of foodie before you met Bella [Beischer, Petracca’s fiancée]?

CP: Food’s always been a part of my culture. My nonna is an amazing cook. Mum’s a good cook too. I love going out for dinner. There are so many restaurants and that’s the beauty about living in Melbourne.


Talking romance

CP: What’s your go-to date night?

JD: Anna [Dalins, Daicos’s partner] and I love Japanese, so we usually hit up the same spots. Oushou in South Yarra and Hawthorn is a favourite. What about you?

CP: Definitely Hawker Hall. I reckon we go once every two weeks. We just love it. We have spring rolls and then a noodle dish called char kway teow. It’s really good.

Josh Daicos and Christian Petracca at Tiamo, Carlton.

Josh Daicos (L) and Christian Petracca (R) at Tiamo, Carlton.

Where to next?

CP: Is there a place you want to go that you haven’t been yet?

JD: Well, I haven’t been to Hawker Hall, and hearing you talk about it, it sounds awesome. How about yourself?

CP: A place I really want to try is Serai – it’s in the city and there’s a lot of hype around it. It’s a Filipino restaurant and everything’s cooked over an open wood fire. It looks awesome. We really are spoiled for choice in Melbourne.

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