Embrace the country pace and delve into the past in Kilmore, on the lands of the Taungurung and Wurundjeri peoples, and in one of Victoria's oldest inland settlements. Take a slow stroll through an impressive collection of nineteenth century bluestone buildings, hear stories from the past, and ride on a hundred-year-old tram to complete the heritage experience.

Historic streetscapes

Soak up a history Kilmore's history in rustic cottages, old country pubs, centuries-old buildings and homesteads. Dine out in a converted old bluestone building, explore the old gaol, which was built in 1859, then browse the many specialty shops selling a wide range of antiques, arts and local crafts.

Trams and cable cars

Get an old-fashioned transport fix at the tramways museum at Bylands, riding on a tram from 1906 and viewing the 'preserved tramway fleet' of cable cars and electric trams that once serviced Melbourne and Adelaide.

High on the hill

Hike up Mount Disappointment and look for wombats and wallabies, stopping to admire the rich and varied bird life. Try your hand at hang gliding in Tallarook State Park and visit popular rock climbing sites, or take a more sedate scenic drive through the picturesque Valley of a Thousand Hills.

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