Get ready to discover some of Victoria's most spectacular and pristine unspoilt beaches. Surf the fabulous waves at Venus Bay or Sandy Point. Paddle in the shallow rock pools at Walkerville, or take a walk along the magnificent Ninety Mile beach.

South Gippsland

Venus Bay
The powerful tides of Venus Bay entice surfers throughout the year and are frequented by travellers in need of a refreshing swim, but they are not for the faint hearted − remember to always swim between the flags. Venus Bay is patrolled by lifesavers throughout the summer months.

Walkerville, famous for its historic lime kilns, is one of the regions hidden delights, with rock pools and little sandy coves to explore. Enjoy walking, fishing, or simply relaxing. Surf lifesavers do not operate at this beach.

Inverloch surf beach is patrolled by surf lifesavers in the summer months however the inlet beaches are not patrolled.

Sandy Point
Sandy Point beach offers visitors a safe surf beach framed by the majestic mountains of the Prom. It also offers ideal conditions for windsurfers and is patrolled by lifesavers throughout the summer months.

Port Welshpool
The shallow waters and sandy beach make Port Welshpool an ideal spot for young children. Surf lifesavers do not operate at this beach.

Cape Paterson
Cape Paterson beach is patrolled by surf lifesavers in the summer months.

Wilsons Promontory
The west coast of the Prom features a number of beautiful beaches, most of which can be reached with a short walk. As coastal dunes are fragile environments, it is recommended you keep to the walking track.

Norman Bay
With multiple access points, Norman Bay beach is the safest beach on which to swim near Wilsons Prom. Surfers should keep to south of Ramp 5 to protect swimmers. Access from second ramp at Norman Bay beach car park at Tidal River. Surf lifesavers patrol this beach throughout the summer months.

Squeaky Beach
The rounded grains of quartz on Squeaky Beach make a squeaking sound when you walk in the dry sand − hence its name. The rock formations at the north end of the beach create a maze of passages for exploration. Access from the Squeaky Beach car park. Surf lifesavers do not operate at this beach.

Picnic Bay Beach
A steep track leads down to this beach, which has rock formations at both ends offering a range of rock pool habitats to explore. A viewing platform is located near the car park. Access from the Picnic Bay car park or from the walking track at Squeaky Beach car park. Surf lifesavers do not operate at this beach.

Whisky Bay Beach
This small sheltered beach features rock formations at both ends. The access track passes through a gully and follows a small creek before passing over a sand dune to the beach. Access from the Whisky Bay car park or via the Picnic Point track at the north of Picnic Bay. Surf lifesavers do not patrol this beach.

Shallow Inlet
The sheltered waters of Shallow Inlet provide a secluded and peaceful setting for a wide range of water-based activities. It is ideal for those with small children and is also renowned for windsurfing. Surf lifesavers do not operate at this beach.

Waratah Bay
This is a long stretch of white sandy beach overlooking majestic Wilsons Prom. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the magnificent beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. Surf lifesavers do not operate at this beach.

Central Gippsland

Ninety Mile Beach
Woodside Beach is recognised as the start of the Ninety Mile Beach. The swimming beach is patrolled over summer and camping is available in the caravan park located adjacent to the beach.

Seaspray Beach
Seaspray is known mainly for its great fishing and swimming beach. Surf lifesaving patrols during the summer peak periods provide the perfect environment for family activities at the beach. Seaspray township provides all visitor needs and camping is available adjacent to the beach.

Golden Beach
Famous for its surf fishing, the Golden Beach foreshore is a scenic lookout over the Ninety Mile Beach. Spot oil production platforms from the beach at night. During the day, head six kilometres down the beach from town to see what remains of the shipwreck Trinculo. Free camping is available in 20 campsites within the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park near Golden Beach.

Loch Sport Beach
Loch Sport beach is accessible by causeway from the township. Renowned for good fishing, the beach is a popular spot for visitors to the township as an alternative to Lake Victoria.

East Gippsland

Park closures: Some National Parks areas in East Gippsland are closed due to fire activity. You can check which parks are fire-affected on the Parks Victoria website parks.vic.gov.au/get-into-nature/safety-in-nature/fire-affected-parks before you go.

Lakes Entrance Beach
Access to the Ninety Mile Beach can be gained by crossing the footbridge at Lake Entrance from the main street. The Main Beach is patrolled during summer school and public holidays.

Lake Tyers Beach
Lake Tyers beach is a 10-minute drive from Lakes Entrance and is popular with families who prefer the calmer waters of the lake as well as the beach. Lake Tyers Beach is not patrolled.

Cape Conran Coastal Park
Pearl Point Cape
This beach is often rough and is recommended only to experienced surfers when conditions are right. It is never patrolled and is excellent for surf fishing.

East Cape
This beach is favoured by families and is often calmer than surrounding beaches as it is protected by the East Cape. The shallow waters provide for safe swimming and the rocky cape is excellent for snorkelling. This beach is not patrolled.

West Cape
Popular with surfers and those keen on catching a decent wave. The Salmon Rocks area is popular with locals and visitors alike for its good swell and protection from certain winds. Abalone diving and snorkelling are very popular at both beaches. A good place to wander along the rocks. This beach is not patrolled.

Croajingolong National Park
Thurra Campground Beach
This is a beautiful, long sandy beach with dunes along the river and plenty of rocks to explore between the campground and Point Hicks Lighthouse. This beach is remote and not patrolled.

Bastion Point Beach
This is a very popular sheltered beach and is ideal for surfing. It is only a short drive from Mallacoota and is patrolled in the summer months.

Betka Beach
A sheltered beach beside Betka River that is perfect for children. The beach also has excellent picnic facilities. The beach is not patrolled.

Quarry Beach
A rugged beach edged by colourful rock strata where snorkellers search for abalone. The beach is not patrolled.

Secret Beach
Exactly what its name suggests − a peaceful beach of clean, pure sand accessible only by foot. The beach is not patrolled.

Local knowledge

Coastal conditions change throughout the year so please refer to the Beachsafe website for local advice on weather, surf patrols, tides and marine warnings.

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