Reap what generations of agricultural pioneers have sown as you make your way through the Grampians region's immense wheat plains and rolling sheep country.

Olives ripe for picking

Gather olives, oils, artisan vinegars and seasonal preserves at Grampians Olive Co. (Toscana Olives), in Laharum, tucked beside Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park. Continue on through one of Australia's most productive olive growing areas. Get your oil, soaps and other olive products at Nicolas Olive Estate in Dimboola, or if you're near Pomonal, stop into Red Rock Olives for olive oil, vinegar and olive salt.

Productive sheep and plentiful farm gates

Drop in and see sheep being milked at Grampians Pure Sheep Milk Dairy and take home the locally made yoghurts, fetta and Grampians Grand cheese.

Augment your home herb garden with a selection from the culinary, fragrant, medicinal, potpourri and repellent plants from Rocket Cottage Herbs in Pomonal. Stop by the farm gate at Grampians Grove in Moyston for freshly picked almonds and hazelnuts.

Gourmet provedores

Visit provedore stores and taste raw local ingredients transformed into delicious gourmet products at Three Troupers Pantry, Beaufort, or Darriwell Farm, Hamilton. Try walking past the alluring aroma of continental chocolates at Glenelg Chocolates with its range of handmade truffles and creams.


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