Jordan Lockett

Musician Jordan Lockett has travelled the world but it's the village of Port Fairy on Victoria's Great Ocean Road that he unreservedly calls home. He's passionate about the close-knit and artistic community here, the stunning ocean and natural surrounds, and the long history of the area – all of which are inspiration for his creativity, as part of the local The Southern Ocean Sea Band.

Get to know Jordan as he shares some of his beloved spots in and around Port Fairy.

1. Worn Gundidj at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Experience Worn Gundidj at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve – a two hour interactive walk inside an extinct volcano, led by an experienced guide. 'Walk around the ancient volcano, take an Indigenous tour and learn about bush tucker,' Jordan recommends. Also keep your eyes peeled for 'the big three' – kangaroos, koalas and emus.

2. Beaches

For a swim, dive, surf or frolic in the Southern Ocean, Jordan rates East Beach, Griffiths Island and South Beach. 'It's not cold if you jump in three times,' he jokes. It's a 'scientifically proven method'. The water here is also ideal for an adventurous kayak or SUP.

3. Walk the wharf

Take time to wander the beautifully preserved village and explore the working port. Port Fairy is rich in both First Nations and colonial settler history. For Jordan it's palpable: 'It's all around you, every day. You feel it passing through you.' 

4. Port Fairy Folk Music Festival

Chances are you'll bump into Jordan at this beloved music festival that's been celebrating diverse music, art and culture since 1977. 'Every spare patch of grass in town is filled with a tent or car and the town bursts at the seams with family-friendly party vibes.'

5. Budj Bim National Park

Don't miss the chance to soak up the natural wonders of Budj Bim, a 30-minute drive from Port Fairy. Follow Jordan's lead and 'explore the caves, the lake and lava canals in a classic Aussie bush setting. Appreciate our history and the incredible inventions of the local Gunditjmara people.' Budj Bim Cultural Landscapes are now also open for guided experiences.

6. Galleries

Drop into one of the many home galleries in town, featuring glass blowing, oil paintings, sculpture and textiles – often inspired by the sea. 'There's a big artistic community that feeds off the natural world. The works are fresh and challenging, from established and famous artists like Brian Dunlop, to young and emerging like Liam Murphy,' Jordan says.

7. Griffiths Island

Jordan likes to explore the many beaches on Griffiths Island, then 'knock on the door of the lighthouse, say g'day to a wallaby, chat to the people fishing and watch the boats sail in the Moyne River. I love going here with my wife and kids; the walk takes about 35 minutes – or two hours if you've got kids who like to wonder and ponder.'   

8. Blarney Books

This bookshop is Jordan's favourite to 'play the piano, read a book, buy a book, play chess, peruse the current art exhibition, and take note of the ridiculous amount of books by local authors'. Blarney books also runs an annual, locally famous Biblio-Art competition of works inspired by books.

9. Port Fairy Farmers Market

'Devouring some of Jet's dumplings on a Saturday morning is a family ritual we all love,' Jordan enthuses, 'and so is lining up for Portland Bakehouse's famous bread.' He loves bumping into friends and travellers for a chat here and buying fresh local produce.

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