Jean-Francois Rupp is the founder of Alpine Nature Experience, a low-impact eco-village on the top of Mount Hotham in Victoria's High Country. He shows us around his favourite spots in the region.

1. Razorback to Mt Feathertop trail

Jean-Francois' favourite High Country hike leads along the craggy spine of Razorback from Mt Hotham to Mt Feathertop. It's scenic, rugged, exposed and rewarding, and he's happy whether he's on it doing a trail run, a walk or skiing to get there.

2. Bright Brewery

Bright Brewery tops Jean-Francois' list for a beer and bang-up meal as a reward after an outdoor adventure. We give bonus points for its location on the Ovens River with a view of the Alps.

3. Dargo Lookout

This extraordinary Alpine region is peppered with stunning cloud-high outlooks over valleys and mountains. Jean-Francois reckons Dargo Lookout could be the best office in the world for him.

4. Paragliding with Bright Flight

Jean-Francois recommends capturing a bird's-eye view over the dramatically scenic High Country by paragliding from Mystic Hill. Bright Flight instructor Wally 'has to be one of the best instructors and kindest person I know.'


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