Travel through Victoria's vast High Country where you'll enjoy myriad birdwatching opportunities and the chance to witness wildlife in its natural habitat. See kangaroos all year round and encounter swamp wallabies, wombats, echidnas and possums during the summer months. Wombats can even be found in the middle of winter ambling across the snow looking for a patch of grass to feed on. The rare mountain pygmy-possum, the world's only exclusively alpine marsupial, also calls the region home. 

Wildlife abounds in the national parks of the region, but here are some of the best viewing spots.


Walk the granite hills, ridges and woodlands of the Warby Ovens National Park to see unique birdlife, including the turquoise parrot, hooded robin and speckled warbler. Make your way out to Chiltern National Park and walk through stringy bark forests to see the rare regent honeyeater, swift parrot, turquoise parrot and square tailed kite. The Winton Wetlands is another birdwatching hotspot, with the reserve boasting populations of peregrine falcons, sea eagles and straw necked ibises. 


Head off to Lake Eildon to see kangaroos at dawn or dusk at Candlebark Creek around the Fraser camping area off the UT Creek Road in Eildon. 

The pines clearing near Mansfield is a popular viewing spot at dusk, when hundreds of kangaroos come out of the state forest to graze. To get there, travel approximately five kilometres along Walsh's Road (off Goughs Road, near Mansfield) to a cleared area just before the Ranger's Hut.

Possums, gliders and wombats

During the summer holidays, Mount Buffalo National Park rangers run free guided spotlight tours in the in the Eurobin Creek area. Gliders, possums, bats and wombats may be encountered. The activity is free but bookings are essential. For more information contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963.

In one place

Make your way around the park-like setting of Mansfield Zoo, regional Victoria's largest zoo. Get up close to lions, wallabies and alligators or have a go at feeding the monkeys. Spend a wild night camping among the animals and get a tour around the grounds with the zookeeper. With over 100 animals from across the globe, there's plenty to keep the kids excited and entertained.


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