Duration: 2 hours from Benalla
Total distance: Approximately 132 kilometres
Start: Benalla (around 2.5 hours from Melbourne)

Follow the North East Victoria Silo Art Trail, linking together small towns and the Winton Wetlands. Start in Benalla, home to the Wall to Wall Street Art Festival. The town's buildings provide an ever-changing canvas for artists around the country and globe.

Drive on to the small town of Goorambat, where you'll find two works of public art. The grain silos feature three works by Melbourne street artist Jimmy Dvate, notably of an endangered bird of prey from the area. 'Adnate' has painted his depiction of the female aspect of the Holy Trinity on the wall of the Uniting Church. 'Sophia' came into being as part of the 2017 Wall to Wall festival.

Continue along the trail to the town of Devenish, where Cam Scale's three towering murals pay homage to local community involvement in military service. The newest feature of this trail is the silo at St James. Artist Tim Bowtell has dedicated his mural to Sir George Coles, a St James local who founded Coles supermarkets.

Sobrane Simcock was the first Australian female street artist to participate in the silo project, painting dancing Brolgas and a Kookaburra onto the privately owned Tungamah Silos in 2018.

Finish your journey along the North East Victoria Silo Art Trail in the Winton Wetlands, where Guido van Helten painted portraits of three local Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers on a water tank in 2017. The tank can be found along the self-drive Art Trail within the wetlands, featuring works such as 'Martins Barge' and the famous 'Fish Trees'.

Make a stop in the town of Dookie to take in the Dookie Nomadic Silo project. Local farmers have loaned and donated portable grain bins, which have then been adorned with murals by local and international artists. Look out for them in town, in public parks and paddocks around the district.

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