Jump headfirst into Melbourne's boutique brewery scene. You'll find independent brewers all over town: from inner-city warehouses to neighbourhood garages.

Melbourne's passionate brewers experiment with flavours and combinations that you won't find in commercial beers.

Many of these hyper local breweries begin as a dream between friends or partners, brewing small-batch beers in basements, backyards and old workshops across the city.

This new breed of boutique brewers isn't afraid of a little experimentation, and they use their pint-sized scale to their advantage, to cook up seasonal ales and flights of fancy.

You'll find traditional European style beers, fruity IPAs and many unusual flavour combinations.Try Moon Dog's 'Chocolate Biscuit Milk Stout' or the Henry Street Brewhouse 'Monsieur Grey IPA' (with French Earl Grey tea).

Beers are brewed on site, sometimes footsteps away from where you sit as you sip. Pop into a brew house for a tasting and match it with a meal, from traditional gastropub fare, to street food served up from a food truck, parked next door.

Discover inner city favourites like The Mill Brewery and Stomping Ground in Collingwood – this inner city suburb is the original stomping ground for Melbourne's ever-growing craft beer scene.

Want to branch out? Head to nearby neighbourhoods and explore Temple Brewing Company in Brunswick, Tallboy & Moose in Preston with their takeaway 1 litre cans or Two Birds Brewing in Spotswood, the first female owned brewing company in Australia.

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