Rock bands or footy? Pho or smashed avo on sourdough? Cutting-edge fashion boutiques or recycled clothing? Low-key trad pubs or sleek cocktail dens? Fast-paced or slow? Indoors or out? We have it all in Melbourne. 

Each of Melbourne's inner-city neighbourhoods is diverse and distinct with its own personality. To help you find your perfect match, we've put together a guide to each neighbourhood. No need to swipe left.


  • You are: creative, open-minded, progressive and musical

    Renowned as Melbourne's inner-north cultural hub, the twin neighbourhoods of Fitzroy and Collingwood are a dynamic duo: ahead of the curve, on the go and unfazed by change. 

    If you love your share plates and natural wines, sourdough, sustainability and small-batch spirits as much as we do, you'll fit right in here.

    Popular Brunswick, Gertrude and Smiths Streets – and almost every side street and laneway in between them – are lively with an abundance of world-class bars, legendary restaurants, organic bakeries and inspiring designer boutiques. 

    At the same time, you'll appreciate Fitzroy and Collingwood's open-mindedness and authenticity. Beneath the surface there's a great big working-class heart and a fascinating history in the old bluestone buildings and laneways. Discover a longstanding pub music scene at iconic venues The Tote and the Grace Darling, grass-roots creativity hidden in understated galleries, and some of the best DIY creators at popular Rose St. Artists' Market.

  • You are: artistic, a bit bohemian and happiest by the water

    If you're all about the beach, welcome to your perfect match: St Kilda is Melbourne's most popular seaside suburb.

    It's only natural then that the day starts and ends on the foreshore. A walk along St Kilda Pier, ice cream in hand, is a rite of passage. Keep your eye out for little penguins at the St Kilda Breakwater.

    Locals down here are social creatures. Join them on inline skates or your bike along the boardwalk, or find a different perspective on a roller-coaster at Luna Park. Back on the beach, freshening up St Kilda-style means a dip in the heated seawater spas and pools at St Kilda Sea Baths (or the bay, if brave).

    On the flip side to all this seaside, St Kilda is artsy and a free spirit, finding flair with fine dining at waterfront restaurant Stokehouse (almost a celebrity itself); creative musings at cafes along Fitzroy, Carlisle and Acland Streets; and plenty of I-like-it-my-own-way fashion and tunes in independent stores.

    Back by the foreshore by night, be ready to enjoy a true St Kilda finale: a live gig at the historic Palais Theatre or Prince Bandroom.

  • You are: at home in an artistic and multicultural community

    Congratulations: your nose for creativity and diversity pairs you up with inner Melbourne's most up-and-coming neighbourhood.


    You may have caught a whiff of what's cooking in Footscray's multicultural kitchens. The neighbourhood's strong Vietnamese, Chinese and North African communities are responsible for some of the tastiest gastronomic options around. Choose from wonton noodle soup, pho, masala dosa or an Ethiopian share plate with spongy injera bread.


    Having tasted such mighty flavours, you're not content to stop there, right? Footscray Market is the place to source all those special ingredients and spices for your DIY cooking journey.


    Get to know the Westside's artistic side at creative hub Footscray Community Arts Centre – pop in for local theatre and visual arts exhibitions. And you've found the ideal music festival partner each year as the neighbourhood plays host to the St Jerome's Laneway Festival.

  • You are: a perfect mix of stylish and sporty

    Richmond is about enthusiasm, no matter which side of the arts versus sports divide you fall on. In fact, these two integral aspects of Melbourne's nature are harmoniously combined in this 'hood.

    You'll fit right in at the famous MCG, home to Victoria's own AFL football each winter. Don team colours to experience the roaring crowds, the skill on the field, the meat pies with a splash of tomato sauce. Hot tip: Richmond's team is the Tigers. They’re the ones in black and gold.

    Digest the game over a beer at a local pub, cheerful pho on Vietnamese-focused Victoria Street, or dress for chef's-hatted Japanese at Minamishima. 

    Either way, you'll want to look the part. The marathon of fashion boutiques and factory outlets along Bridge Road requires a true meeting of style and athleticism. As does carting home furniture buys from Church Street designers.

    From there you're good to roll straight into a rock gig at the legendary Corner Hotel, where music lovers are equally passionate about the performance.

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