Explore Melbourne like a local. Follow our Melbourne insiders through city laneways and down neighbourhood streets, on the hunt for their favourite places, high and low. Meet Smith & Daughters restaurant owner Shannon Martinez in her Fitzroy heartland. Follow Ingrid Rhule, Manager of Exhibition Design at National Gallery of Victoria, as she weaves her way to work, on a journey of cultural inspiration. Get to know hospitality maestros Zara & Michael Madrusen and their favourite bars around town. And hang out with Melbourne fashion stylist Meggy Smith, as she shops her way from city jewellery store to neighbourhood boutique. Whether you're up early, or out late, discover a cool new side to Melbourne. Delve a little deeper this winter and discover a twist at every turn.

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Shannon Martinez

"Melbourne in winter is the best.
Hands down. No matter what you're into, Fitzroy has everything. Food, music, culture, art. Everything is here.
You don't need to leave."

— Shannon Martinez, Smith & Daughters restaurateur, Fitzroy.

Zara & Michael Madrusen

"We're absolutely spoilt in Melbourne. There's a lot of beautiful casual spaces. See a glow in the window, wander in, hop up at the bar and enjoy some beautiful food and drink."

— Zara Madrusen, Owner The Everleigh, Heartbreaker and Bar Margaux.

Ingrid Rhule

"I think there is a great excitement and buzz in the air. Melbourne in winter is definitely the place to be. …[P]ockets of art and industry together, I think that's what makes Melbourne really special."

— Ingrid Rhule, Manager, Exhibition Design,
National Gallery of Victoria.

Meggy Smith

"As a fashion destination, Melbourne is a creative, unique place to visit in winter.
…I think our laneways really electrify our city. There are so many hidden gems and so many wonderful eclectic stores."

— Meggy Smith, Melbourne Fashion Stylist.