Meet two of Phillip Island's most talented musicians, Dainis Lacey and Ambrin Hasnain, and discover their go-to music, and favourite local places.

Hasnain and Lacey are one of Melbourne’s leading jangle rock power couples. They perform together in the bands Cool Sounds, Partner Look, Way Dynamic and Skydeck. 

Dainis went to high school on Phillip Island and although he now lives and studies in Melbourne, he visits often to catch up with his parents.  Every summer he organises shows in Rhyll at his family’s small winery, Purple Hen, with a mix of his favourite Melbourne bands playing alongside local musicians.

For Ambrin, a research assistant, spending time at Dainis’ parents’ winery reminds her of her hometown in Germany, which is in a major wine region.

Here are some of the spots they love to spend time on Phillip Island; and don't forget to click the Spotify playlist, to listen to their favourite tunes.

1.Cape Woolamai Walk

Ambrin says there are many beautiful walks on Phillip Island, but the Cape Woolamai Walk is her favourite. "It’s a stunning walk that takes you through diverse landscapes, such as across beautiful beaches and along clifftops," she says. "If you’re lucky, you might even see an echidna!" 

2.The Nobbies Boardwalk

Dainis always enjoys this short but spectacular boardwalk on the western tip of Phillip Island. "Keep an eye out under the boardwalk and in the burrows on the hill for penguins. It can be pretty busy, but definitely worthwhile."

3. Purple Hen Winery

The Lacey family's business is an attraction in its own right, producing pinot noir, viognier, chardonnay, riesling and the sparkling shiraz. "I still work there from time to time and therefore I may be a little biased," Dainis says. "But if you want the best wine in Gippsland, I think it’s the place to go!"

4.Tides Fish & Chips

"If you’re craving some salty fish and chips after a morning at the beach, hit up Tides in Rhyll," Ambrin recommends.. 

5. YCW beach (The Bonesyard)

For a beginner surfer - like Ambrin - YCW is a great spot to catch some waves. "The beach is in a little bay with beautiful cliffs on each side, and is therefore a little more protected than some of the other open beaches on Phillip Island," she says. "The far right end of the beach is known as the Bonesyard, and is probably the most gentle and least popular wave on the southern side of Phillip Island. If the conditions are right you can get a long, gentle right hander."

6.Forest Caves

"I like walking on this beach, it has some really nice-looking cliffs with different shades of red rock," Dainis says. "If you head down at low tide you can walk inside and around a little cave that is on the beach. It can look particularly amazing when the sun shines in and creates shafts of light throughout."

"Phillip Island is a great place to relax for a few days, go to the beach and on walks. "

— Ambrin Hasnain, musician

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