What’s included in your Stella stay?
Stella is well set up for your stay. Our kitchen has a fridge, woodfire stove and cooktop with crockery, cutlery, glassware and cooking essentials. All linen is provided – quality sheets , pillows and p/cases, with thick and cosy towels, bathmat and tea towels.

Back to basics – power and water
Stella is 100% off grid. Our solar set-up is designed to keep the lights on when you need them. We have fresh rainwater in our gal-iron tank and a wastewater system in place. Please, be water-wise as rainfall  is sporadic. And yes, you can recharge your phone during your stay!

Sleeping accommodation – inside and out
Stella is designed with a queen bed for one or two adults only. We can't accommodate more than two guests. If you are a single parent and bring a child, you accept responsibility for all risks and agree to take care to act safely around dirt tracks, un-fenced dams, local wildlife, snakes, etc. Our Stargazer bed can stay within the house – or slide out on rollers under a pop-up glass and steel roof.

Do I need a vehicle to get to Stella?
Our Stella sites are away from towns, main roads and public transport routes. With careful planning, you could take part or all of your trip by bike.

Unfortunately, no wheelchair access
Stella is narrow and contained. Bed, bath, cooking, sitting and eating spaces are all contained within a structure which is less than 2.4m wide and just over 10m long. So guests need to be ambulant without the use of a chair.

Do you provide firewood?
Local firewood is provided for your stay with Stella. Cut to length for the cooking oven and for the firepit. Kindling and newspaper are provided to start your fire – and our Stella Guide includes tips on firelighting. Matches are in the kitchen. Chemical fire-lighters are not welcome.

Is there phone reception?
The sky and landscape are our screens. However, sometimes we need to connect online. Our Stella sites all have mobile phone coverage. Not 5G but functional.

Is there drinking water?
We have fresh water taps in both the kitchen and bathroom which is drinkable water. You are also welcome to BYO if you wish.

Is food or drink provided?
There is a locally curated breakfast pack including free range eggs, rustic bread, locally cured bacon and farmhouse muesli. You will also receive a bottle of regional wine, to enjoy on the deck in our hand-crafted chairs by an absolutely Stella firepit.

Stella home cooking
Our woodfired oven and hotplate have pride of place in the kitchen and our firepit graces the outdoor deck. We also provide a single burner gas cooktop , coffee grinder and wing press espresso unit, cutlery, crockery together with cooking utensils, skillets and a dutch oven for indoor and outdoor cooking.

Dietary requirements
Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking your stay.

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