Check in and check out times 
Check in from 3.00pm and check-out by 11.00am.

Major weather events
Stella is well-sealed, warms up easily and is very cosy. On a damp and windy day, you can curl up with a good book and enjoy the view from our cathedral glass wall. If there are any extreme weather occurrences on the day of your booking that are out of our control, we are happy to reschedule your stay (subject to availability) or to refund your booking fee.

Access to WIFI
The sky and landscape are our screens. Our Stella site has some mobile phone coverage. There is no local WIFI, so use your hotspot if you wish to connect.

Cancellation policy
If you advise us more than 14 days prior to arrival there is no cancellation fee. You can either reschedule (subject to availability) or receive a refund less a processing fee of 2.5% of your booking cost.

Any booking changes made 8-14 days pre arrival will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of your booking cost. If you cancel within 7 days of arrival date, then we are not able to provide a refund – unless you have exceptional circumstances. In such cases, you must provide documentary support for a refund claim.

Stella House rules
We have just a few helpful guidelines to help you enjoy your stay

  1. Follow the signs to the designated parking area and park your car as directed.
  2. Never leave your fire unattended. There is a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket located next to the sink on the wall in Stella’s kitchen. In the event that a fire emergency response is required, you will be liable for associated costs.
  3. Please be considerate of others at Delatite Winery and recognise you are on Delatite property.
  4. Vehicle use onsite is restricted to the access drive and the entry to the Stella area. Please note that if you take your vehicle off the marked area and get bogged, you will cover the cost of retrieving your vehicle and any damage caused.
  5. You may be liable for any theft or damage to Stella and the surrounding property.
  6. No pets - as Stella is situated on private lands with access to wilderness areas, it is safest for your pets and local wildlife if your pet stays at home.
  7. No smoking - Stella is a smoke-free venue and guests are not permitted to smoke (or vape) within Stella or the Stella Bathhouse. Should this condition of booking be infringed during your stay, you will be liable for the cost of cleaning affected furnishings.
  8. Please lock the sliding door if you are leaving Stella with any valuables or belongings left inside.
  9. Leave your cabin the way you found her.

Vehicle use onsite
Please note that if you take your vehicle off the marked tracks and get bogged, you will cover the cost of retrieving your vehicle.

Drinking water
Stella's taps in both the kitchen and bathroom are connected to a water tank which provides fresh drinking water, which we top up when needed.

Damage caused
You will also be liable for any damage to Stella or the property of our hosts caused by you during your stay and any associated costs from events such as fire brigade call-outs triggered by your actions.  

No pet policy
We have to be 100% clear. Stella is for people, not pets. We stay on private farming lands with access to wilderness areas. We share the concerns of our hosts for the protection of wildlife.  

No smoking policy 
Stella is a smoke free venue and guests are not permitted to smoke (or vape) within the house. 
Should this condition of booking be infringed during your stay, then you will be liable for the cost of cleaning.

Operating the sauna and safety precautions 
The sauna is strictly subject to the following terms and conditions of operation.
Please ensure you have read and understand them.
Please note the sauna will take 45-60 minutes to heat up by following the steps outlined.

The sauna is off grid, so it requires fire to heat the rocks.
The fire will be set ready to light and there should be sufficient wood to keep it going.
To start the fire:
• First ensure the ash tray at the bottom is open between 5-10 cm to allow sufficient air flow.
• Light the fire (using the lighter provided in the draw in the kitchen) and once the fire is going nicely, add 1-2 pieces of wood approximately every 30-60 minutes.
• Once the fire is going sufficiently, close the ash tray. This can be used as a vent to control the heat.
Once the rocks are heated sufficiently (allow 45m to 1hr) then use the water bucket supplied to pour water every 10-15 minutes over the rocks.
• Overuse will cool the rocks too much so please avoid this for the best experience.

Attention: The cedar wood in the sauna is untreated. It is crucial that you do not use any oil or soaps on your body while using the sauna, as these will stain the wood. Please be aware that fees may apply for any permanent damage.

Guest safety
• A fire extinguisher is attached to the outside of the sauna within arm’s reach of the door for emergencies.
• Guests with medical conditions that may be affected by the sauna are prohibited from using the sauna.
• The sauna is strictly to be used in 15 minute increments only with a 15 minute break in between.
• Alcohol and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited while using the sauna under any circumstances.

Operating the soaking tubs and safety precautions
• The tubs work just like a conventional bath so use the cold and hot water taps to get your desired temperature and enjoy the view.
• It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure the tubs are fully drained when not being used as a matter of safety.
• Glass is not permitted in the baths at any time.

On booking Stella, you are agreeing to comply with these Terms and Conditions

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