Get hands-on with a range of interactive, immersive Aboriginal cultural activities.

Boomerang painting at Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Try your hand at Aboriginal art at Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Learn about Aboriginal art as a story-telling medium and the meaning behind designs before painting your very own boomerang. Once the paint dries, step out and put your boomerang to use in the Narana grounds.

Boomerang throwing at Worn Gundidj, Tower Hill

Take a lesson in boomerang throwing from an expert guide after the Bush and Nature Walk at Tower Hill. Be warned: returning your boomerang takes some practice and expert tutorage, but the guides at Tower Hill are well-adept to arm you with the new skill.

Painting at Brambuk Cultural Centre

Paint your choice of message stones, boomerangs or canvases through the Badeema Djilga Creations program at Brambuk Cultural Centre. For deep insights into Aboriginal culture, we recommend picking up the paintbrush after learning about local Aboriginal life through the Brambuk Experience Package.

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