Water sports

Victoria offers the boating enthusiast a range of activities in a variety of environments. Set sail on Australia's largest bay, board a cruise along the Yarra River or an historic paddle steamer chugging along the Murray River, or see the banks of the Gippsland Lakes from behind the boat strapped to a pair of waterskis.

Ocean, bay and river beach fun

Those who like to get wet can choose from white sand beaches along the Murray River, the sheltered bay beaches that extend along the Mornington Peninsula from Frankston to the heads, or the pristine Ninety Mile Beach in Gippsland.

Scuba diving, surfing and sailing

Victoria offers scuba divers a rich underwater world of shipwrecks, diverse marine life, kelp forests and colourful soft corals. Follow an underwater shore trail, or join a local dive boat to explore rocky reefs and wrecks.

Surfers come from around the world to catch the famous breaks at Victoria's beaches, including Bells Beach. Learn to surf with an expert, or watch the champions at work at the annual Rip Curl Pro event.

Boating licences are required for boat operators, including persons hiring or chartering a boat, and fines apply if you are caught without one.

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