Sport events

If there was an official events capital of the world, it just might be Melbourne. With world class sporting facilities, state-of-the-art arenas and a 24/7 festival-like atmosphere, our city has hosted just about everything and everyone. Where else can you witness Grand Slam tennis, see the 'race that stops the nation' and watch F1 cars whiz by all in a calendar year?

Visitors are often surprised to find that most of Melbourne's stadiums are within walking distance to the city's core, including the beloved Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). It's possible to wander our famous art-covered laneways at 6pm and be in through the doors of Rod Laver Arena for a 7pm show. Or delight in one of Melbourne's famous independent restaurants at 5pm and be seated at the stadium in time for the start of England vs. Australia in the Rugby World Cup or The Ashes.

While Melbourne's events attract record crowds, tickets are easily accessible. In some cases you can walk up to the event venue hours before and find some prime seats to a world-class event. Try doing that at Old Trafford or Wimbledon!

Our city is one of the world's premier event destinations for a reason. Pick something from the calendar and experience it for yourself!

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2019

F1 Grand Prix, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Formula 1 Melbourne, 14-17 March